Swimming at Carters Lake

Swimming at Carters LakeIt’s been hot and I was thinking back when Jeff came to visit and we went to Carters Lake. It was July 21, 2013. Jeff and his mom went swimming. I had a injured shoulder and didn’t swim that day. Now I’m glad I didn’t swim. I took out my phone and took a few pictures of Jeff and his mom. Wouldn’t have got those if I’d been in the lake also. We took a picnic. We ate some, they swam some and had a real good time.

Later in August Jeff came back for a visit and we packed up a picnic and headed back to Carters Lake. We all ate and swam that day. So there’s no swimming pictures. We had an awesome day and we had so much fun together. We planned to get more time in at the lake the next year. But I had a couple surgeries and another problem that kept me out of the sun and water and that messed up our plans that year. When 2015 came along I was all better and ready to get in some time at the lake with Jeff and we planned on hiking some that fall. Sadly Jeff didn’t make it and we didn’t get to do any of our plans. But I have my wonderful memories of all the things we did get to do.

Patsy always talks about suddenly. And suddenly Jeff was gone. He’s been gone 2 years today and I still miss him as much as ever. If you have any loved ones, don’t put off doing anything later that you could do now. Suddenly they could be gone and all your future plans mean nothing.

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