This was Labor Day weekend. It’s also when Draconcon comes to Atlanta. Jeff loved Dragoncon. He would buy his tickets a year in advance. Where he lived was right in the middle of all the festivities. He would dress up as one of his favorite characters and head out for all the fun.
Jeff as Gordon Freeman from Halflife

He dressed up as Gordan Freeman from the game Half Life. Gordan Freeman was a scientist in the game and Jeff bought a lab coat and glasses and a head crab to wear. In the game Gordan starts out defending himself with a crowbar. Jeff bought that also. He wanted a rubber one but he couldn’t find it so bought the real deal. Head Crab and Crowbar

He was a big fan of the show Firefly. He really enjoyed it. So he dressed up as one of his favorites Jayne Cobb.
He didn’t carry his real gun with him in his tactical holster he bought just for Dragoncon. I think after Jeff moved to Atlanta, Dragoncon took over as his favorite time of the year. Halloween got pushed back to second.

Jeff as Jayne Cobb from Firefly

Jeff also loved the Matrix. So of course he had to dress up like Neo. Zombies was big at the time and they were doing an A. Zombie for President. They had a big get together at one of the hotels and Jeff didn’t have a pass to get in. But that didn’t stop him. He just mingled in with the crowd and crashed the party to became part of it. Jeff got a hold of a picture taken there with the Zombie running for President and you can see him highlighted in the background as “Zombie Neo”.
I know Jeff and a lot of his friends in Atlanta had some great times at Dragoncon. I hope all his friends continue to have a lot of fun at Dragoncon and have a little fun for Jeff while you are there.
         Jeff crashing A. Zombie for President as Zombie Neo

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