First Birthday

First Birthday
Jeff’s birthday is just about here. He would have been 29 this year. Of course I was thinking about him and how his first birthday didn’t go as planned. It turned out to be his first trip to the emergency room that day also.

We had his party at his granny’s house. Everybody was having a great time. Right after the picture to the left was taken Jeff went running to the house and just as he got to the steps he tripped and fell. He hit his head on the steps and cut his head right above his eye. Patsy and I had to take him to the ER to get him patched up. I was surprised he didn’t do a lot of crying and all.

When they took him in the back they wrapped him in a sheet to keep him from being able to move while they were sewing him up. It was close to his eye and they didn’t want him reaching up there with his hands. That could be dangerous since the doctor had a needle in his hands. They let us stay with him and hold him to help keep him calm. Jeff did awesome.
Back From ER

After we got done we stopped by the house and cleaned him up and took him back down to see his granny. That way she could see he was going to be alright. She was really upset that he got hurt at her house. Kids are going to have accidents, and all was good. I’m glad every birthday didn’t turn out like his first. That first birthday was one that would be hard to forget.

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