LOLCODEIt’s been a while since I took time to add a memory. We’ve been busy with a fund raiser to pay off Jeff’s funeral bill so we could afford to get him a marker. The fund raiser was a success and now we are looking at markers. We want a marker that represents who Jeff was. And while thinking about all the things that represent Jeff I thought of LOLCODE. I remember Jeff talking about working on LOLCODE but I wasn’t really sure what it was at the time. I know he did a PechaKucha presentation at a PHP Conference. A lot of his friends in the PHP Community got to see it and know a lots more about the presentation than I do. But from what I understand it was pretty good.
I googled Jeff Jones LOLCODE and found quite a lot. According to Wikipedia and several other websites The first LOLCODE implementation was a PHP parser written by Jeff Jones. Jeff’s website was also the first website using LOLCODE as an actual web scripting language. The winning Pecha Kucha presentation at PHP Works 2008 was about this parser. I’m can’t say for sure that this information about PHP Works 2008 is correct, but the PHP Community can confirm or correct this. Here is a link to SlideShare about his Pecha Kucha presentation. It makes me so proud of Jeff for being only about 20 years old and he had done something that got him recognized on Wikipedia and other websites.

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